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like Minnesota Wild Rice Bread

Le 15 juin 2016, 09:43 dans Humeurs 0

If you follow me on Twitter, maybe you have seen the #USofBread, over the past months. Maybe you thought, “Well, that bread looks delicious.” Or maybe you thought, “Doesn’t that girl eat anything else besides bread?” (Actually, that wouldn’t have been too far from the truth at times. There was A LOT of bread-eating going on at my house.) Well, the hashtag was more than just a symbol. Now you can pick up a copy of the book, and make the loaves for yourself!

USofB2This isn’t your artisan bread cookbook. I don’t teach you how to make European baguettes or batards. United States of Bread recreates the bread-baking tradition of the US. And yes, there is an American tradition of baking bread! This is for the home baker who is interested in making sustaining breads like Minnesota Wild Rice Bread, Amish Dill Bread, and all sorts of sourdough. (There’s a starter recipe in the book.)

USofB1This book has a little bit of everything, from sandwich loaves, to sourdough, sweet breads, to quickbreads. I tried to develop a book for everyone– from the novice baker to the more experienced home cook, from the weekend baker to the cook that only has moments to throw together some cornbread– there’s a recipe to be found!

I only hope that you’ll find the recipes intriguing, and delicious– that they become a part of your baking repertoire. Long live carbs, and long live American bread!

in generosity and care

Le 16 mars 2016, 08:04 dans Humeurs 0

A few weeks ago, I came across a cooking show that seemed to pit home bakers against each other in a baking competition to see who would be the ultimate baker.

One of the contestants was in tears because her dessert hadn’t turned out well at all.

I don’t have much of an appetite for cooking competition so I was about to change the channel when the contestant said something that really struck a chord with me Dream Beauty Pro.

She explained that when she bakes at home, she bakes as an act of kindness and love. Baking in a competitive environment obviously didn’t feel right to her.

This person’s words have stuck with me because they express a sentiment that I have found myself uttering over and over again You beauty.

I do not understand the appeal of watching people compete to do something that I have watched the men and women in my family do every day, for the sole purpose of pleasing their families.

Sorry. I don’t get it.

For me, baking – especially – is an act deeply entrenched in generosity and care. Sure, you might occasionally bake a cheesecake or a tray of chocolate chip cookies and eat them all yourself after a particularly bad week or hard moment, but how often have you done that really?

Most of the time, when you bake, you do so to share the fruits of your labour.

In my own experience baking, it’s the joy of giving and receiving that give so much pleasure. I have so many happy memories of baking by the sides of my mother, my grandmother, my aunts, my neighbour – the list goes on and on.

Which brings me to this cakereenex. This sweet, lovely cake.

The flavours just work

Le 29 décembre 2014, 10:43 dans Humeurs 0

I realise that it might be a little bit cruel to be talking about dessert at breakfast time, especially when salted caramel is involved, but I just had to share this recipe with you. I've cooked up some pretty delicious things in recent times but I've gotta say - and this is a big call - this recipe is my new favourite. I'm already looking for another occasion to make it again soon Speed dating.

It involves beautiful summer fruit (I used peaches but you could try other stone fruit as well), vanilla bean-spiked mascarpone, a homemade oat crumble and a generous amount of salted caramel. It elevates an already beautiful peach to something almost transcendent.

It came about when I was looking for a quick but still impressive dessert to make for a dinner party last weekend. This fit the bill perfectly, and was definitely a crowd pleaser. The flavours just work aspire nautilus.

When you get a little of everything on your spoon, it's a party in your mouth between the sweet, creamy, salty and crunchy elements. The oat crumble and caramel sauce can be made well before your guests arrive, and the peaches popped into the oven just before you serve the main course.

As I mentioned earlier, I think it would also be amazing with other stone fruit such as nectarines or plums. It could even work with grilled fruit such as figs, mango or pineapple. Uhh, yum! And in winter a version with pears or apples would be the ultimate comfort food.

You could try a big scoop of ice cream or creme fraiche instead of the mascarpone, and crumbled meringue or praline on top. With room for versatility like that, I think this recipe will become a firm part of my repertoire executive training!

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